Infrastructure of Costa del Silencio

The principal concept of the new renovation of the infrastructure of Costa del Silencio is the fact that the leading characteristic of Costa del Silencio is a “zona residencial de calidad turística”. The central planning  is the focussing on the path for walking on and not for traffic. So you will see large footpaths that have been broadened on the left and the right side of the main road. Certain areas are reserved for avenues of trees and plants and benches are placed for resting. Most of the streets are a one-way traffic with a limited speed of 40 km per hour.

The zones of Costa del Silencio and TenBel had been neglected in recent years. The residents felt abandoned by the authorities and therefore they had very little confidence in them. With the implementation of the above-mentioned projects has been initiated the phase of the renewal of Costa del Silencio to a “Zona residencial turística”. The Ayuntamiento de Arona stresses to be ready for substantial economic resources for the infrastructure, streets and gardens, so that this zone can play a model role for tourism on the island – what Costa del Silencio well deserved.